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Yorken was established in the year 2000. This was done on the realisation that there was an issue that was not being addressed comprehensively in the Industrial Sector. Through the support of our supplier from Germany, Physioderm® we have now been able to offer solutions and address the lack of adequate Personal Protective Equipment in the way of Skin Care Products. We have undertaken to introduce, educate and encourage the use of such products to the South African Industrial Market place.

Physioderm® founded in 1995 is one of the leading companies who is highly committed to offering the best skin protection, skin cleaning and skin care products to industry. Their products are manufactured in accordance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), as well as the international standard FIP (Federation Internationale Pharmaceutiqe). They have been awarded with both, DIN ISO 9001 certificate and DIN ISO 13485 certificates. The group of companies is licensed to produce medical products and pharmaceuticals.

As the sole agent, it is Yorken’s responsibility to market and distribute the complete range of Physioderm® Industrial Skin Care Products. These range from dispensed and tubed Skin Protective Creams to Hand Cleaners and Repair Creams. All products are specially formulated to offer unique protection or to clean off specific products used within the workplace.

Since inception of the this company we have exceeded growth targets year on year, making Physioderm® a trusted and well known brand available in South Africa.
YORKEN | Skin Care

YORKEN | Skin Care
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Effective skin protection at work is an essential precondition for a long and healthy professional life. With Physioderm®, you have a competent and committed partner who offers high-valued as well as precisely fitting solutions. As a leading supplier in the domain of occupational skin protection, we develop integrated concepts which comprise all aspects of an effective prevention: precautionary protection against harmful workplace substances, skin-friendly but thorough cleansing, effective disinfection as well as efficient skin care. Almost 100 years of experience and innovation ensure that you can always expect best quality from Physioderm®

Skin Protection is our Mission.

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